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I love seeing what my customers make from my tweeds and seeing some of the most creative designs is absolutely amazing.

On the web site there is a tab for ‘customer makes’ which I am hoping to expand but I need your help!

It turns out that the most popular page on my site is not the shop but the customer makes page with over 2k viewers.. so during these tough times if I can help promote your work please send in your images and I will be happy to put them up on the website

If you would like to have your work displayed, please send in any pictures you may have of your creations. You can also tag your images with text or logo or web site link.




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New Tweeds Back From the Mill

Had a busy week…collected tweeds from the mill, measuring, separating into patterns, photographing and uploading to the web shop. At the same time readying my next tweed for drop off at the mill, seeing visitors to my loom shed, and sending out parcels of tweed to customers. I hope that some of my tweeds may

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First Tweed of 2022

So happy to have a tweed back from the mill. One warp with five different colour combinations in the weft, from warm mulberry to soft pink, grey blue to baby blue and russet red to peaty brown. Summer and winter in one..

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New Tweeds of 2022

     It has been sometime since tweeds have come back from the mill. I have continued to pedal on my loom and have attached some photos of those patterns and colours waiting to be finished at the mill. When I get them back they will be added to my website shop and linked from

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