News From The Loom Shed

It has been great to be weaving with the garage door open and even though summer hasn’t really arrived in the Western isles it definitely feels warmer. Perhaps it will this month🙄


The town is definitely busier this year with visitors, especially when a cruise ship arrives. Many have come to my Loom shed and been shown the intricacies in the making of Harris Tweed.


On the weaving front, I have just finished a new pattern with eight different colourways, so now am at the inspection stage making sure there are no missing shots, unsightly knots or double threads

A new self coloured greeny/blue yarn has been warped up and tied in..I wonder what colours will be put across it? Many shades of blue to start…


I realise many of you make smaller items and am happy to cut my fabric into shorter lengths, to make a minimum order of 50cm. As this is not possible through my website shop if you email me with your address details, the fabric pattern, and length wanted, I can raise a PayPal invoice.


I needed to find a way of transporting the very heavy beam by myself and so with the help of Dad, now have a blue beam box on an upcycled boat trailer.. definitely easier than lifting, and manoeuvring it into the back of the car, but I’ll need to practice my reversing


I hope that your customers have returned after restrictions lifted and you are back to enjoying busy fairs.

Thanking you all for your continued support

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